General:1. What is the meaning of my blog name?

Ammi(n) is a Urdu word, that literally means mother. Crazy Ammi, then forms a crazy mother who is trying to sort her lifestyle shizz out.

2. Where do I come from and where do I live?

I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. And shifted to London after my marriage.

3. How many children do I have?

Contrary to my condition and what people believe, I have only one child who takes up my entire life and time. And I couldn't be more thankful for that. I may appear like I have 10 children but I promise I have only one child who wakes me up by screaming 'DINOSAUR' all the time.

Perspective:1. What camera do you use?

I normally use Nikon D3100 and an iPhone. I usually take pictures with my iPhone when I am too lazy to charge my camera.

2. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging a long time ago. Back in 2013. But that was just for fun. Now I work full time and have taken up blogging as a career.

3. Is blogging really a career?

Yes it is. And it is not an easy one contradictory to what people think. It is not just about sitting on the couch and write and take pictures. No. It is all about putting in handwork, tears, disappointment, organising, handling your family and everything. Just because I am home, does not mean I am just sitting in front of the screen and having fun. 

4.  Sponsored posts?

If you want to sponsor a post on my website, please get in touch with me on ayeshafarhad@hotmail.com and we can take it from there. 

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