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Starting On A Sustainable Fashion Path

For some of the top celebrities in the world that fashion designers want to use to get their styles trending, where something comes from or what it's made out of isn’t a concern. Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world and although many others do care, many don’t think about if what they’re wearing is right. Don’t forget, fashion is the pursuit of looking good after all; not feeling good morally. However, luckily this is changing, as more and more ordinary people, not just celebs care about who made what they’re wearing, how, where and the material choices. We have all heard about the sweatshops that Nike was exposed to be using. There was a giant backlash and that pretty much started the ball rolling. But what kind of nuance changes to your wardrobe could you do to get on the sustainable and ethical path for fashion?

Buy local and national:

When you are buying an export item, you don’t really know how it was made. The simple and harsh truth of the matter is that the export countries are just too far away so injustices get lost in translation. The other side is, you don’t have direct access to where something is made. It could be thousands of miles away. However, when you buy local or nationally you can trace the steps back to how it was made. For example, rather than buying cheap synthetic gloves for the winter, you should look to buy natural materials. It's not that hard to buy 100% cotton gloves that are approved by Fair Trade. Farmers harvest cotton carefully, making sure to take care of the sheep but not to add any synthetic material to create a cheap mass produced product. Your money also helps the farmers directly and the mills that spin the cotton. Your money goes back into the local economy to also help create jobs.

A faux is just as good:

Some parts of fashion are not for everybody to wear, even though you might like them. For example, If you don’t want actual piercings that’s fine, you can get fake piercings on piercing mania that act as clip-ons. You have the normal stud types, but if you really want to stick to the classic bohemian style you should go for the small hoops and horseshoe styles that can clip onto your inner ear. Rose gold and silver are the best kinds of material choices when sticking to authenticity. This kind of fashion is also good for children as not wanting to pierce your child’s ears is a concern of many parents.

Choose the longer lasting:

The biggest sin that many people do is continually buy fashion items. If you’re just buying fashion for the sake of it then you should rethink about the supply and demand of the industry. The far higher the demand the more companies like Nike will abuse poor sweatshop workers. Instead, buy products that are a bit more expensive but will last you longer so you don’t need to keep replacing them.

Sustainable fashion itself is become fashionable. If you don’t want real piercings you can always use clip ons that won’t hurt your children. Buy locally sourced products, such as completely pure and natural cotton gloves and socks.

Parenting 101: Raising a well-behaved child.

Being a parent is hard work. Parenting is not something that you can do for a couple of months or years and then just quit because you don't like it. Parenting is for life. And when we parent a child, not only are we raising them in our own household, we are also raising the future generation that will go on and maybe make the world a better place to live in. This generation that we are parenting also has to face the world when they grow up and it is our responsibility as parents to make sure that our children don't go out in the real world and screw it up for everyone else.

There are a few things that definitely should be kept in mind while parenting: Every parent is doing their best. There is no right and wrong with how you raise a child. If certain things don't sit well with you and your parenting style doesn't mean that you have to do it. Things, like breast-fed is best should not be the main focus of concern. With this developing day and age, a well-fed child is what really matters in the end. Whether you are putting your child in a walker, or co-sleeping with them or using a crying out method, these are all down to individual parents. As long as you are raising a happy healthy baby, no one should really bother with anything.

A Letter to my 18 Year Old Self.

Naive: Someone who once was very close to me, called me THAT, when I was debating over a lost relationship. I had to google what it meant. But for some reason, instead of laughing at the meaning, I felt the word striking the very core of my emotional capability. Was I really naive?