SuperWoman of the Month - Saba Mohsin Shaikh.

Hello everyone! Hope you all are well! 
From this month on wards, we are starting a new monthly series called 'SuperWoman of the Month'. This series will feature an independent, strong and a fierce woman who has been taking the world up by storm!

This month's SuperWoman is our very own Saba Mohsin Shaikh! Saba needs no introduction. With a passion for cooking, Saba manages the very famous group Karachi Chefs At Home that now hosts 20,000 members. WOW. With the help of her fellow administrators, Saba has now introduced a book containing the best recipes of Karachi Chefs at Home. She is strong headed and knows what she wants to do! So without further ado, a one on one interview with the kitchen queen herself!

  • What made you start Karachi chefs at Home? 
I was in the UK for a year, studying for my undergrad degree. My husband and I went there together and being a newly married desi woman I wanted to impress him. So I would cook amazing stuff and post it on my Facebook. Initially people encouraged me but then I started receiving comments from people telling me to ‘stop’, and that ‘I was a show off’ etc. I was distraught, and that’s when the idea clicked that I should make a Facebook group and add like minded people who would appreciate and participate in sharing recipes, pictures, tips and tricks with each other. I made the group on 14th May 2014 and since then there has been no looking back; We are a community of over 20,000 women and sharing happily. 

  • Have you always had a passion for cooking or did the passion come through after you made the group? 
I was always passionate about cooking; It started with me making Sunday breakfast for myself when I was just 6 years old. Then my love for the Chinese and Italian cuisine made me try different recipes that I got off of the Internet. Gradually, I started baking when I turned 14 and today I can make anything except a 'gol roti'. 

  • How do you manage the group and your household chores together? Given that managing a 20k audience is no easy task and you have to monitor everything. 
I will not take the entire credit; My co-admins help me out a lot! And everything goes side by side! I could be adding hordes of people while my biryani is at dum. I am monitoring posts while supervising the daily chores at my home. 

  • What is the best thing about Karachi Chefs at home? 
The Members - They are supportive and encouraging. If something goes wrong so many people inbox me to boost my morale saying that its okay and I am doing a great job. People selflessly share recipes, previously people would keep recipes like a family secret but now people are sharing it! And that I feel is the USP of KCH. 

  • With good things, you always face setbacks. What is the biggest backlash you have faced with this group? 

  1. When a very famous post went missing and the posters reaction to it
  2. This lady posted a picture of a cake and did not post a recipe for over 22 hours, following the rules I had to delete the post and block the member. Which I did and then her friend started bullying me by saying words like 'sharam nai ati and ghatiya panay ki hadh hoti hai'. 

  • Now that the book is out, what were the difficulties you had to go through to publish the book? 
Compiling the recipes was an absolute nightmare. Half the recipe would be in English and the other half would be in Urdu, but Abeer Faisal was a great help to me here.  

  • An absolute favorite recipe from this book? 
It would be unfair to point out a single recipe. All the recipes are excellent and have admirable reviews. If you ask about my recipes I would say my Italian Chicken is my favorite and everyone loves it. 

  • What is that one ingredient that you love adding to your dishes? 
Chicken Cubes.
  • What else do you enjoy besides cooking? 
Running the group, eating out, travelling and socializing. 

  • Who has been a rock hard supporter of yours while working on the book and taking it to the publishers? 
First, my husband, Mohsin because he invested in this venture without even asking what I need the money for. Abeer Faisal for editing and compiling the recipesRumman Khan from AT&R who literally did everything for the group. 

  • If you had to pick one cuisine you could eat for the rest of your life, what would that be and which restaurant would you choose? 
Chinese from China Town in Karachi. 

  • What is your biggest pet peeve? 
People not following the rules on the group and people who never share their recipes.  

  • You have been an immense help to all the foodie lovers. Be it helping with the recipes, answering questions and mainly patrolling the group making sure that all the recipes are posted in the correct section, no arguments arise and no negativity takes place. What is your message to the foodies out there? 
The love for food is something that everyone shares; Food has no ethnicity, no religion, no caste, no color and no creed. Its just Food! And that is why I love food! 
I know people who never share their recipes and they use recipes from the group. Which is absolutely wrong! We should all share our recipes and not keep them a secret; this will work as a sadqa-e-
 jariah for you. So stop hiding and start sharing!  

  • Last but not the least, do you have any plans of taking Karachi chefs at Home to another level? 
Yes, I am announcing this through your blog that we are launching a website. The website will have 3 selected recipes posted every week from the group. These recipes will be visible to anyone around the world, giving my chefni’s more exposure and encouragement

Thank you so much, Saba, for taking out the time for this interview. We hope and pray that you get the best of everything and you keep on continuing making waves!


  1. Mashallah im so proud of you.
    Wish you n KCH all the best for all ur future endeavours

  2. Proud of your achievement my dear, with husband's money, with links, others recipes and by using paid promotions. You have proved that only rich can have upper hand in every field be it a simple facebook group. The true example of nepotism is YOU!!!! promoting your friends business through your lazy ass group is not justified.

    1. Lol! Wow hun! did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
      If certain things arent going right for you, YOU have no right to judge others and how they make their income. This is the true example of one woman is another woman's enemy.


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