The In-Flight Toddler Bag Guide.

We are going for a holiday soon and the last time I travelled with Azlan, it was a nightmare. Since it was my first time travelling with him, I hardly had any idea what to put in his bag and plus he was one and a half at that time, so all we did was sleep and watch cartoons and run along in the aisle. But this time I am determined not to get this strong willed child get bored and create havoc for other passengers travelling.

I am making one single bag for him that is light weight and easy to lug around since the last time we travelled he wanted to pull on the hand luggage. I recently got the Trunki extras pack from Kiddies Kingdom and I am smitten! Even Azlan can not stop carrying it everywhere and keeps asking when are we off for an holiday. The Extra's pack includes a small saddle bag, a coin purse that clips on to your belt hoop and a tote bag that also turns into a cross body. And believe you me, this tote is SUPER spacious. The green part of the bag is stretchable mesh so you can literally put everything you need, inside. This bag has two small pockets on the side too and an open pocket in the front. The tote bag can fit into the Trunki bag itself. Also, the tote bag clips on-to the seat so you don't have to keep getting up again and again to get his stuff from the overhead compartments. Genius, right?

The saddle bag is super light weight and can be attached on the Trunki so that Azlan can sit on the Trunki (we are yet to make the purchase) and it is also a cross body. We took a trial run to the park with the saddle bag and he had so much fun carrying his things around.

The coin purse is his absolute favourite. Azlan LOVES collecting coins incase he wants to buy a Kinder surprise egg. He has had the coin purse looped on his pants ever since we got it.

All in all, this extras pack is great for travelling and works amazing as in in-flight toddler bag.
So what have we decided to pack in his tote bag for the vacations?

Here is what is in the bag:

Extra Clothing & Wipes: 

I always carry an extra pair of clothing on long haul flights. My son always gets sick during the flight, and theres the need to change his clothes. I also carry an extra light weight jacket incase it gets a bit too cold.
Wipes & tissues are left my best friends every where I travel.

Inflight activity:

Since the ban of selected electronic devices on certain airlines, we have to be very careful where we put our our tablets. We usually travel in long haul flights that are mostly 7/8 hours long. So story books, wipe clean books (these are an amazing investment by the way - get yours from Book Depository), colour pencils and a few of his favourite toys incase we miss home, are an essential. 


My son hates airline food. And to be honest, I can not blame him. I had a taste of his food once and I literally wanted to throw up. So besides getting a few healthy food items from the airport cafe, I usually carry a few snacks with me incase he gets a little peckish. Chocolate coins from Starbucks are forever existent in my handbag though, chocolates, crisps, cookies and juice. He obviously doesn't have all of it but I like to carry them just incase. We even pick out a selection of fruits from the cafe/store.

I always carry a set of separate headphones. Although the airlines do provide with smaller headphones for smaller kids, but incase he wants to use my phone during the flight and watch a few of his favourite cartoons, the airline provided headphones are not compatible with a few phones. 

Azlan loves carrying his bag around and sure is excited to take it to his holidays. It is the perfect size for him to carry around and fits almost all of his essentials. 

What are your toddler bag essentials? Let me know :)


  1. I keep books and eating stuff. My kiddo can play with almost anything, be it a pack of spoons and folks on flightm

  2. Thanks for reviewing this didn't know they made a specific bag for toddlers, I usually use a backpack or diaper bag to contain everything

  3. Currently, we are just using my hand bag as a toddler bag and it definitely has nappies, wipes and candies for him to chew when we go for long drives. I do keep spare clothes in a separate bag, and that's all. I will be taking a long flight after a few months, so these tips will come in handy.

  4. Noted! We girls think we pack like girls scouts for every time we go out, but my mom told me... wait until I pack for just a normal "daily" outing with a toddler. This is really helpful!

  5. My eldest name is Aabirah and in arabic it means a 'traveller' and well, we have been to good 10-11 countries every since she was born (and she just turned 3 this week). and flights back home (to pakistan from cayman islands) takes usually 2 days (with 2-3 stop overs) and it means a lot of travelling.

    the main trick is that we choose to travel at night so kids get to sleep most of the time if not all. This is the key to sanity for both of us.

    I have learnt that i need alot of extra clothes in my handcarry. atleast 4/5 pairs each.
    obviously many diapers and wipes, water bottles, milk bottles.
    I avoid giving sugary treats bc i dont want them to get high.
    we usually buy fruit at the airport for snacks.
    and I keep nuts (almonds, pistacio, dried mangoes, raisans, dates) usually works for my kids :)

    a couple of toys but not many. abook or two.

  6. This is great! I can imagine how many things you have to remember to bring when traveling with a child and the last thing you want to do is miss out on something important ;)

  7. Really good and useful post! Thanks for sharing. I'm linking my friends who r travelling soon in Shaa Allah :)

  8. Great suggestions...we had a Trunki for Bee when we went Turkey and Dubai...filled it with snacks and things to do.....kept her entertained for most of the flight.


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