10 things that Mothers describe as Vacations!

Being a stay-at-home parent is really really hard. Especially when you have no family to help you around and you are just very very desperate for a vacation. I keep telling my husband that for me, even a vacation is like everyday work with just a change of location haha!

Mother's try to find joy in every little thing during their daily routine - it is the only way we stay sane! Don't panic! I love my son. I really do. Without him, my life would be just a dull state of numbness. But I really really need my brain to stop thinking about dinosaurs and what to feed and when to feed and toilet training and constantly screaming OMG YOU WILL BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!

So I like to take a small child-free vacation every now and then. I know you're thinking HOW? Here are the secrets:

1. Doctor appointments - Y'all know that the surgery is not a child-friendly place. So, I make the most of it. Whether it is a routine check-up, ultrasound or a smear test, IT IS A VACATION FOR ME. And I don't mind the waiting as long as my son is in safe hands (read: husband).

2. School Runs - I take my sweet time going back to the school to pick up my son. In fact, I leave a little bit early so I can jam like Britney Spears in my car. Or if I am taking the bus, I skip it. I walk to school without having to scream, 'watch out for the car' or 'no, you cannot have juice right now' every single minute.

3. Sneaky bathroom breaks - EVERY mother has done this without a doubt! And it is the best thing ever! Just sneaking into the bathroom with a candy bar and a phone in your hand, trying to keep the chewing to a minimum so that they dont hear you! Also with a tiny human's hand floating from under the door. You just do your own thang without doing your thing, you know?

4. Dentist Appointments - This is actually gold for me. I have had braces which didn't really do their job so I got filling done to close the gaps and I have routine check-ups every now and then with my dentist to make sure that everything is fine. I can even open a packet of crisps and finish it all by myself on myway back home!

5. A trip to the store alone - Yep. That is my idea of an ultimate vacation. Every time we are out of milk, I hand my son over to my husband, run to the store and just aimlessly walk around the Tesco aisles randomly browsing things that I don't really need. And then I deliberately stand in the till queue that is the longest. Taking my sweeeet time.

6. The moment they sleep - Ahh sweet Lord. The peace that prevails right after they sleep. Like Pheobe in Friends says 'I can hear the voices in my head again'. If your child sleeps through the night, you're amazingly lucky. But for mothers who have those 20 minutes before their child wakes up again for a nightly feed, those 20 minutes are truly a vacation. You can gulp down tea, eat 10 candy bars without having little hands snatching it away and have chocolate smeared all over your face!

7. Salon appointments - To be honest, I don't know what that feels like. But I have heard other mothers talk about getting their hair done. Or to extend their vacation time, they even get their moustache waxed. How cool is that?

8. Stuck in traffic/Train delays - I love getting stuck in traffic. Another reason for me to jam to N'sync without hearing a tiny human screaming 'CAN YOU PUT MY NURSERY RHYME ON!'

9. Grandparents - They are a blessing! Every time I visit Pakistan, I literally just hand over my son to my mom and go shopping. Mind you, half an hour later, my mother calls me home because my son is going ballistic playing with my sister's makeup or has no intention of having food and just wants ice cream for dinner.

10. That time between stuffing your mouth and your child hearing the wrapper - There was this meme that made its round on the internet 'You call your child's name million times and they won't hear you and you open a wrapper 2 houses away from them and yet they are going to come running to you' THAT my friends, is absolutely true! Once you become a parent to a toddler, forget eating your junk food alone and in peace.

How many of these hold true for you? Parenting is a hard job but you need your breaks. Every mother needs a reset button sometimes. Having said that, I wouldn't trade lives with anyone else in this world! Right after the moment my son sleep, I crave to hug him. As soon as I leave him with my mother, I miss him almost immediately and want to go back to him. I will be having my tv switched on to paw patrol even though my son isn't around. Even while walking down the Tesco aisles, I will be looking for toys that would bring that beaming smile on his face! Motherhood is tough but the joy that you get when that tiny human comes and hugs you as soon as you enter the house, it is just blissful. Also, I just realised, most of my happy time revolves around keeping the food to myself haha!


  1. Gosh look of that is so true yaar!!! I am thinking to go to a salon since 3 months but nothing works out. Huh!! Loved reading the post!!!

  2. Hahaha! I loved reading this!

  3. Haha lol! I can totally relate to this as I’m also a stay at home mum nowadays and going for grocery on my own is fantastic for sure!

  4. Haha I'm not mom but I enjoyed reading this😅 Sounds tough! Have you ever asked your son how hard it is being a son? I can say it's isn't easy either 😂 #teamchildren💪🏻💪🏻

  5. I love this so much, and it's true! We're lucky to live a mile from my mom and dad, so our daughter goes to visit the grandparents quite a bit!

  6. OMG I really enjoyed and laughed with this, that's how our real life as mamas is! We absolutely love our little ones but definitely enjoy our solo moments too!

  7. Nice article... I guess you are the only one who loves to get stuck in traffic...Oh my god being a mother is very hectic.

  8. Haha this is cute lol not a mum so cannot relate but I teach and I need a break so it's only understandable mums do! (www.spicyfusionkitchen.com and www.beautywithzainy.com)


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