Self-Care Series: Hygiene.

This subject needs to be addressed! Personal hygiene is something that nobody wants to talk about yet it is the most discussed topic of all times. What is personal hygiene? The act of maintaining cleanliness and grooming your external body. In today's day and age, there are millions of people who prefer to look over the fact that they need to maintain hygiene and just displease people around them generally.

First and foremost, wash your body every single day. It is so so important to just clean your body of everyday bacteria that is due to the air pollution especially if you live in a metropolitan city. If its nearly impossible to wash your body every day, you should at least clean your armpits with an anti-bacterial soap and a flannel and then pat dry.

Always use a deodorant no matter what. If you can not handle the fragrance of deodorants, then you can use non-fragrant/anti-bacterial/antiperspirant deodorants. If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen making desi food, then ALWAYS make sure that you change your clothes when going out because NOBODY wants to smell like curry!

Stop wearing talcum powder if you sweat too much. Sweat mixed with talcum powder tends to smell bad instead of making you feel refreshed. Also, opt to wear clothes that don't make you smell foul. Georgette clothes, for example, make you smell really bad. Always make sure that you wear a set of freshly washed and ironed clothes when you go out.

Keeping your fanny clean is something that every woman should know about. If you don't wash it every day, then you are definitely not keeping it clean. If you discharge a lot, firstly, make sure that its normal (hormones, menstrual cycle, pregnancy - visit your doctor at least once a year for a regular checkup). If your discharge is normal yet excessive, then panty liners are the best thing ever. Change them regularly and also make sure that your change your underwear DAILY. Use vaginal washes at least once a day to keep the pH balance intact and to keep your fanny clean.

Make sure you keep your pubic area clean as well. Wax and/or shave regularly. Waxing is preferred more since it reduces growth plus since the growth is slower, the area is clean for a longer time. NEVER use hair removal creams. They make the area dark, create skin problems and more often so, they are the reasons for so many vaginal infections.

If you are on your periods, PLEASE change your pads/tampons often. Please don't keep wearing the morning pad till before you get to bed. One, its gross. Two, it's very very unhygienic. There is a group that I am part of and girls over there were discussing how they pee while keeping their tampons on. That is VILE. Don't compromise your health and hygiene to save a few bucks.

Your nails are also a part of external hygiene. Trim and clean them regularly to avoid build up. Get regular manicure and pedicures to keep them nice, clean and hygienic. if you can not afford regular treatments, then you can always invest in a good nail set and do it yourself at home and treat your family to an at home DIY manicure/pedicure as well.

Oral hygiene is also a part of your external body as well. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day. If you are going out right after a meal, make sure that you rinse your mouth with a mouth-wash.
If you are a bride, you can always get scaling done on your teeth to remove stains and for a fresher smile on your big day. If you can not afford regular scaling treatments, then you can try a DIY coconut oil pulling method (every morning before you brush your teeth, swish organic virgin coconut oil in your mouth for 15 minutes for a brighter smile and to keep gum diseases at bay) to keep your oral hygiene intact.

It is not always keeping your external hygiene in place but to also maintain internal hygiene, have detox water (lemon, mint, cucumber) every morning to flush out the toxins in your body.

Also, always carry travel sized wipes, tissues, mouthwash and deodorants in your bag.


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