My First Blogger Event with Yellow Zebra Safaris

A few weeks ago, Yellow Zebra Safari's, who help create the perfect family safari holidays, contacted me and asked me if they would like me to be a part of their blogger event. Having NEVER attended any blogger events in the past, I took a chance and said yes.

Obviously made a blunder with the timing and reached an hour early but the girls were super nice and made me feel less awkward about it! But Azlan and I ended up going for coffee and cake in a nearby cafe. When we arrived at the venue, again, Safari Pete was waiting downstairs and I think Azlan took a liking to him instantly! Really really warmed up and wanted to chatter non-stop.

The setup upstairs was absolutely Pinterest worthy! They took care of every single little detail! They even had leaves as plates! Not real though haha! Everything was so carefully thought out and the event was set up so perfectly! To be honest, I kind of felt really awkward in the beginning because everyone had someone to talk to and I was just aimlessly standing around but I made some really nice friends later on! (btw, why does this sound like an essay a 6-year-old would write?)

The animals brought to the event were kept as a surprise. We were just told that there were going to be meerkats and owls but Safari Pere definitely brought out a selection! All of the animals were mostly rescued. Two of the dragon lizards were actually found in a toilet with toilet roll stuck to them.

After a bit of not just showing the animals but actually giving out massive information about them to the kids and also getting to meet the animals, we were directed towards the snacks table. I kind of forgot to take pictures of the food because, first event ever and my nerves were playing up.

And after the food, the kids were all allowed to meet certain animals like meerkats and dragon lizards, and the Ceramic Circle had a whole table for painting ceramic animals. Azlan obviously chose an elephant. He's literally addicted to them the point, he has 3 elephant cushions on his bed! After getting done with the painting, we were free to leave with a goody bag which included a candy cone, an activity book and a cuddly elephant toy!

So what actually is the Yellow Zebra Safari?

A multi-award winning safari company which was founded by two childhood friends Julian and Rory who, after their degrees in hospitality and tourism, decided to join forces together and create a safari company that is dedicated to providing honest, conscious and a conversation focused approach to their clients. What is even more amazing is that a portion from every safari sold, they would fund a South-African child's education and as they grew their company, they now fund so many amazing charities and work towards being responsible with their duties towards Africa.

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