5 Authentic tips for new Bloggers.

This article is probably a drop in the ocean full of blogging tips on the internet.. but hey, anything to help, right?

So I usually get a tonne of questions regarding blogging and how to get started and mainly how to start earning from blogging?

When I started blogging, I was one of those people who used to think, oh how hard can blogging be? I am just going to sit at home, edit pictures and write whatever I feel best and then earn some money. Nope nope nope. The first and foremost step to blogging is getting that thought right off your mind and get a clear space to what blogging actually is. Yes, I like to earn in the sanctuary of my own home but it hasn't always been easy. It is not a regular job where you can quit at 6pm and then just switch your laptop off and join in with your family. No. When you are blogging, social media is your life. It's your job. It's 24/7. And trust me, it gets so frustrating that you just want to quit but slow and steady always wins the race. Although sometimes you might need to up your game though lol.

So here are my top 5 tips for people who want to start blogging or who have just recently started blogging. Hoping this will help you over the next few years.

1. Take your time out to find your niche.

I wanted to be a blogger. That is all I knew. If you go back to my first few posts, I have blogged about beauty, fashion and food all at the same time. My domain name started off as a parenting one, but I hardly contributed to parenting. So, if you are unsure about your niche and what you actually want to blog about, take your time. Snoop around posts, videos and social media to actually feel inspired about what to write for your next blog post. It took me three months or maybe more to realise that I wanted to blog about both, Parenting and lifestyle. So it is okay if you are trying to find a direction with your blogging. It will take time and good things take time!

2. Set your goals.

I always advise this to my followers when they ask me how to earn from blogging. If you are solely starting to blog BECAUSE you want to earn, it will not always go to plan. Blogging isn't just about earning. Like I previously mentioned that you need a passion to blog. I have always wanted to do something in media/publishing and even though it's not what I actually wanted to do in the beginning, I am happy where I am and I have never been happier with my passion. 

So set your goals. Make sure that you are consistent with your writing. Jot down pointers for every blog post. Make notes and then take it further. If you are not setting your goals, you won't have that drive or motivation to blog about the things that you love. If you are getting any paid blogging jobs, make sure that you meet the deadline and produce quality content. PRs talk. Word goes around and obviously, you don't want a PR telling another PR that you aren't fit for a certain task. 

3. Build your audience.

As daunting as it sounds, you NEED to have an audience to reach out to with your posts. Blogging is all about numbers. You can deny it all you want but you CAN NOT ignore the elephant in the room. I absolutely disagree with bloggers who say 'oh I am not interested in numbers, I like to produce quality content' - If you are putting so much hard work and sweat and time in producing a quality content, you would obviously like it to reach a wider audience. So build your audience. Please don't ask other bloggers to give you a shout out because they have also spent hours and hours trying to build the audience on their own. If a blogger likes your content, they will share it on their terms. DO NOT buy fake followers. If you have 50000 followers on your Instagram with little to zero engagement, brands WILL catch up on that. 


4. Quality images.

It takes a lot of time to produce good writing. But if you pair it with an image that doesn't appeal to the eye, many people will not read it. Over time, I have learned a few photography tricks and tips to help my images be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Obviously, I have failed numerous times but don't beat around the bush about it. You will get there. Pinterest is full of articles that give you amazing tips on how to take good pictures. Youtube is full of tutorials on editing pictures and how to get the best resolution from your pictures. If you can, invest in a good camera. It is not necessary though. A lot, in fact, all the product pictures on my Instagram and blog are taken with my iPhone 6. It is how you take advantage of daylight and certain backgrounds. 

5. Don't resolve your life around social media.

This sounds ironic since I have mentioned above that without social media, you won't get the deserved reach. But what I mean with this tip is that don't get influenced by EVERYTHING on social media. I have given in to the hype of so many products on Instagram and Snapchat and have later regretted it so much. It is okay to try new products. But just don't start buying every single thing that you see on the internet (trust me there are people who do that). Follow influencers that you resonate with. Take time off social media sometimes. You definitely don't need to post about what you had for lunch every single day. Be authentic for your influencers. 

That is all folks. I hope this is something that helps you if you really want to take up blogging. If you have any other questions, pop them down in the comments and I will answer them.

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