Preparing Your Home for Those Seasonal Changes.

As the year flies by quicker than we can blink, it’s more important than ever to make sure our homes are well prepared. With hotter summers and colder winters upon us, there are different measures we can take to prep our homes in good time. These preparations can not only make things a lot easier and bearable in the varying months, but they can also be a good money-saving tactic too. 

Waking up to a cold house, torrential downpour or in an unbearable sweat is something that can be addressed. Both inside and outside your home can suffer when the weather changes hit, so getting prepared in advance can save time, money and a little bit of sanity! From teaming up with Rix, family-run fuel and heating oil suppliers, we bring you some tips on how to prepare your home for those sometimes-unpredictable seasonal changes.

Clean out your drains and gutters. 

A build-up of leaves, dirt and debris can appear in your drains and gutters over time, and it’s very important to ensure these are kept clean and clear. If this isn’t done before the winter months, you risk the chance of your drains getting blocked, causing a build-up of water and ice alongside all those pesky dead leaves. Anything left in there leads to clogging which is definitely something you don’t need! There is also the possibility of your gutters cracking in the harsh cold weather; testing them with flowing water is a good habit to get into when the seasons change.

Get the right insulation.

Before winter, you need to make sure you are well prepared for the cold months ahead. One of the first things you should consider is insulation in your attic. Heat rises, meaning the warm air you create in your home can easily get lost out of the roof if you don’t have the right insulation. As well as your attic, check your walls and floors too to keep that heat in for longer. Depending on your energy provider, you may be entitled to free insulation or insulation at a discounted rate.

When you have your insulation sorted, it’s essential you address any possible draughty areas around doors and windows. When you identify these areas, fixing them with weather strips or investing in a few draught excluders can make a ton of difference.

Rethink your fuel source. 

How are you heating your home? Is your chosen heating method the most cost-efficient way? Surprisingly, electricity is one of the most expensive ways to heat up a home. Considering a more efficient heating source such as heating oil, or even a toasty wood burning stove can save you a ton of money each year as well as not compromising on the heat you’d expect from other sources.

Invest in ceiling fans. 

Here’s a little trick you might not know about; fans can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! It makes sense to turn on fans to blow cool air around when the weather is hot, but to circulate the warm air around your house, simply change the way the fan rotates. Setting fans to anticlockwise will distribute the warm air back around your home, reducing the need to increase those radiator temperatures and the amount of time you have them on for.

Trim the garden. 

When summertime comes around, trees and bushes will obviously become overgrown because of that glorious sunshine, so it’s important that you keep these trimmed back to avoid any damage to your property or surrounding areas. Check any branches aren’t loose or damaged from any winter weather and clean up any left-over debris. You don’t want any of this clogging up your garden or your drains over time.

Get shopping! 

With the seasons being so unpredictable, it’s worth getting some shopping done for your home’s interior. Consider thicker curtains for those colder days and nights to keep in that heat or big rugs to give a bit more insulation. Plan for hotter summers and colder winters to ensure you’ll always be ready for whatever nature throws at us. You’ll feel better prepared and when those seasonal changes do happen, your homes will thank you!

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