The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Bearded Man.

Buying gifts for the special man in your life is never easy. Unlike women, who head towards every birthday with a long list of gifts they’ve likely been curating for the best part of a year, when it comes to men, finding the perfect present is so much more difficult. 

Annoyingly so, they are more likely to simply buy what they need, when they need it, instead of waiting for an occasion. This can leave you racking your brains and frantically browsing online when a birthday or anniversary comes around. But, there is a solution!

Instead of buying yet another jumper, this year, why not invest in some quality products for their most manly feature – the humble beard! I’ve teamed up with English Shaving Company to bring you the ultimate gift guide for the bearded men in your life, so read on to find out more!

It’s all about the preparation:

For those looking to grow out their beards, a beard brush is a must. You wouldn’t leave the house without brushing your hair first, so why would a beard be any different? Much like the hair on your head, brushing a beard not only helps to detangle it but also stimulates the follicles for growth and evenly distributes natural oils. Why not purchase a natural bristle brush to help your man grow a frizz-free beard?

For those blessed with thick luscious facial hair, a comb is a much better choice as it means they can reach the root of their hair while allowing for proper detangling. Just remember to pick a wooden comb, rather than a plastic one – it’s better for the environment and is also less likely to tear the delicate hair. 

Invest in a high-quality razor:

Whether they’re rocking a 5 o’clock shadow or full-on Gandalf length, every man needs a great razor. Even the longest of beards needs a regular tidy every now and then so, regardless of whether your partner is in peak ‘beard life’, investing in a quality razor for them can transform their shaving experience. 

No matter whether they use a razor to achieve artfully sculpted stubble, or simply to tidy up sideburns or cheek lines, no good beard happens by accident. So, how do you decide on the right one?

When choosing a razor, it’s all about quality. Find out how the recipient of your gift likes to shave, how often and how confident and skilled they are. For those inexperienced shavers, pick a double edge safety razor. These are simple to use and come in a variety of different styles depending on how aggressive you like your shave. Experienced shavers looking to try something new will love the idea of a straight razor. A more traditional tool once used by barbers alone, straight razors are now a popular choice for the shaving connoisseur.

Beard Oil (or balm) is key!

If their beard is more prickly than polished, opting for a beard oil or balm could make all the difference.

For those still in the earlier stages of beard growth, a beard oil is best. Designed to soften and strengthen stubble or shorter hair, by keeping your hair in great condition it’s more likely to grow. If your man battles with taming long, unruly hair, choose a nourishing balm for ultimate styling and hold. Just remember – always look for a light oil or balm that is easily absorbed and won’t weigh their facial hair down. Chances are they won’t thank you if their face is dripping in grease!

Don't let your aftershave be an afterthought:  

Whether they’re sporting a full beard, a goatee or a smattering of stubble, for men, facial hair upkeep is always necessary. And, what goes hand in hand with beard grooming better than aftershave?

Not only used for its smell, aftershave is also a very important step in the shaving process. Designed to soothe skin after shaving, beard aftershave also contains disinfecting and calming properties to help encourage skin repair and hair growth. 

Choose an aftershave based on your man’s shaving concerns – if they like to maintain a stubbly look that often causes rashes and nicks, choose a splash aimed at sensitive skin, while those who struggle with dry skin should opt for a thicker balm, instead.

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