Wedding Dress Advice for Pregnant Brides.

When a bride is pregnant, whether the reveal was before or after the proposal, the main concern will always be the dress. Baby bump or not, every bride should feel special when donning their bridal gown. Some brides speed up the wedding date in order to tie the knot before a baby belly is visible, while others wait until the baby is born. Alternatively, many brides choose to embrace the bump and plan their wedding day around the arrival of their child to make it a proper family affair. Whatever your choice, there are always going to be unique challenges facing a pregnant bride.

So, buckle up brides… 

We’ve teamed up with the Manchester dress alterations specialists, Alterations Boutique, to bring you the most effective ways to plan for a wedding while you’re pregnant. 

Step 1: Shop for your shape. 

There are so many wedding dress decisions to make. Firstly, finding a wedding dress to flatter your frame. The right shape wedding dress can easily hide your bump. Think full skirts or dresses with a fitted corset and a skirt that flares out, and if you’re daring enough, a ballgown for the ultimate princess poof. A detailed neckline with plenty of diamonds looks beautiful and will help draw the attention upwards. Both of these solutions will help conceal, not reveal, your bump. 

When choosing fabrics and styles, a bride should also consider how comfortable she will feel through the day. For example, if you are getting married in a warmer climate, lighter fabrics are going to keep you cool. You want to feel sensational, not sweltering, on your wedding day.

Step 2: Contact a wedding dress alterations specialist.

“My wedding day is months away, and I’ve found out I’m pregnant - help!” 

The fit is everything. And when it comes to your wedding dress, alterations are also everything. For brides who select and buy their dream dress only to find out they are pregnant, what do you do? You don’t want to splurge on costly alterations. Let’s face it, you have a wedding to plan and pay for. That doesn’t come cheap.

No one can predict exactly how a woman's body will change when pregnant. However, there’s no need to panic. At Alterations Boutique, they do their best to help determine the appropriate sizing a bride will need in order tailor the dress to her body. When doing so, they will ask several questions to establish how many months along she will be on the big day and how her weight usually fluctuates. It’s important that you should never base your size on past pregnancies because they are all unique. Typically, you should add an extra inch for every month of pregnancy onto the measurements. 

Remember, you should book dress alterations in early. Things will move pretty quickly once you find out you are a soon-to-be mother. Book your alterations in advance but schedule your appointments as close to your wedding day as possible. This gives you that time to get to know your seamstress, discuss your requirements and iron out any concerns. You can relax in the knowledge that your dress is in good hands and enjoy the prospect of having all your dreams come. A baby and a wedding all in the space of a year - you are one lucky lady! 

Step 3: Embrace the bump!

 If you are a pregnant bride, why not have a little fun with it? A creative way to celebrate your wedding and pregnancy is to reveal the sex of the baby (unless you want it to be a surprise, of course) through the cutting of the wedding cake. You could have blue or pink coloured buttercream or icing, providing an element of surprise and excitement for guests. Or, just in case the first dance isn’t emotional enough, why not release coloured balloons onto the dance floor? Those moments are ones you will remember forever and can share with your baby later in life.

No matter what you choose, as a pregnant bride, you have double the reasons to celebrate and be happy.

Enjoy your special day!

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