How to stay warm this winter without breaking your bank.

Welcome to a brand new season: Autumn!

Man, I can already feel the cold in my feet and the jumpers are slowly making their way into my wardrobe. But there is one thing that I really really dislike about the cold season is being cold all the time. Last year London saw the craziest winter since the past five years. And man, my organs were frozen.

But this year, I am all about keeping myself warm. I am literally gearing up for winter a month before. Have you caught on about how I hate being cold? yeah? Yeah. But here are a few things I am definitely going to be doing so that I won't be updating with frozen fingers.

1. Stay moving.

Over the past few weeks, I have been moving a LOT. And I mean a LOT. And every time I go into a room, I switch the fan on which ticks the husband off. You get my point? He's lazy and I am active. But honestly, I have been watching too many Mrs Hinch Home stories and I am cleaning the house even when I am not supposed to. But the more you move, the more you start getting warm. If you haven't exercised in a long time, its Jillian Michaels time! Put on a DVD and bust some abs move and you will be sweating in a minute.

2. Get central heating installed.

This may not be everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love cranking up the heat in every room, until the husband comes around to turn it down. What is with men and thermostats? But the best decision that we took last year was to move into a house with central heating and honestly speaking, it has been a lifesaver. Bonus points, if you install solar panels so that you don't get cold feet after seeing the bill. But honestly, get a quote for central heating installation and it might be cheaper than you imagined.

3. Layer up well.

Another amazing decision that I have taken over the last two years is to invest in good quality thermals and cosy socks from Primark. If you haven't gotten cosy socks from Primark, you are missing out on life. I don't usually wear thermals inside the house but make sure that you are wearing fleecy jumpers to just keep yourself warm. Hold a hot cocoa in your hand, take a picture and you have got an amazing Instagram picture as well.

4. Crank up the fire pit. 

Our first ever house had a fire pit and God, I miss it SO MUCH. There was literally nothing better than holding a cup of chai, covered up in a shaggy throw, watching a movie and having the fire pit on! Granted it was electric but hey, it was keeping us warm! But if you have kids, please make sure that the area is well protected and kids are at a safe distance.

5. Keep the draft out.

You know my favourite sound that's waaaay too creepy? The chilly wind whistling through the openings of a window or the door. absolutely hate it. But the whistle kind of calms me down? I am weird. I know. But anyway, I am seriously thinking of investing in a door draft snake thing that keeps the chilly wind out. It makes sure that the heating stays in and if you have kids and a wooden floor, the draft excluder makes sure that the kids are not playing on a cold floor.

Do you have any tips on staying warm this winter?


  1. I love winter, but that may change this year, haha. I just moved into a new-to-me house, which, unfortunately, does not have insulation. This summer was crazy hot for me, so I'm sure the winter will be really cold. One thing I found that helped a bit during the summer, at least, was having a smart thermostat. I never remembered to turn up the A/C before I left the house in the warmer months, but since I could adjust the temperature with my phone, it was super easy. I'm sure we saved a ton of money because of our smart thermostat!

  2. These are such wonderful suggestions for staying warm. I am always freezing in our house for some reason! I found that layering and drinking herbal tea works best for me.

  3. I love all the winter activities, but my health problems make being cold miserable, and I'm cold a lot! I try to layer and keep the heat at a comfortable temperature.

  4. I love the change of seasons, but winter is horrible to me. I hate snow and being cold. Keeping warm is important to me.

  5. Very true, i think something that is so simple that we can do is dress for the weather. Indoors if you are wearing layers you don't need to have your heat blasting and raising your bill.


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