I am boosting my energy levels this winter!

Last winter I was a sloth. I have no shame whatsoever to admit that. I wasted half of my day every single day and then whined about how useless I am with time management (you all best believe me when I say that I suck at organising). But this winter, I am going to make sure that I will be active for at least 70% of the season.

So after having researched for a bit and going through the wrongs of what I did last winter, here are some points that have helped me realise why I was such a sloth and never wanted to get out of bed.

I was dehydrated.

Even now ever since the chilly winds have hit the UK and the heating has been turned on, I do feel that my sloth-ness is returning. And yesterday only, I felt a slight headache coming on. I even made an Insta story about how something was missing out from my day until I realised that I hadn't had water the entire day after waking up. Dehydration is one of the main reasons for being so low on energy levels and not wanting to get out of the bed. I even bought myself a water tracking bottle to make sure that I was drinking enough water (oh, the little things that we take for granted). But yeah. this winter, I am making sure that I drink enough water so that my energy levels are boosted and I have a spring in my step.

Sweating seemed like a task.

Honestly, before you actually get your workout in, you feel like it is such a task but once when you are done with it the energy boost is amazing. Last year because I had JUST moved house and I was trying to put everything in place, my energy levels were really down and I wasn't sweating excessively and my body went into hibernation mode. This winter, I am actively trying to work out so that my body is pumped up for the day. All I am doing is planning to get my workout in right after the morning school run so it is out of the way and I am not putting it off during the entire day and then lethargically doing the workout late in the day.

I never took any vitamins!

I have had a few blood tests run on me so I can balance my vitamin levels. Women usually have a low iron deficiency and that is why we slump out most of the day no matter how active we have been. No sun during the winter means that our vitamin D levels are really low and that in turn can make us feel more tired. So I have my vitamins first thing in the morning as soon as I enter the kitchen which means, I won't forget taking it every single day.

I let go of music.

Another thing I have always noticed is that music gets me going. So if I am cleaning the house, I make sure to put on some music and dance along while doing daily chores. Which also means that I am not taking phone breaks in the middle of the chore and spending an hour mindlessly scrolling and then cursing myself for wasting so much time. So music has helped me quite a lot. Even before I sit down on my desk, I make sure to get my mood level up by putting on some good music and then switch it off while I type (because then I can't concentrate). So if anyone has a good music playlist, send it my way because good music always puts me in a good mood.

I wasn't getting enough sleep or I was over-sleeping.

Getting enough sleep is way more important than anything over here. During the school holidays, my sleeping patterns were way too messed up. So to make sure that I am pumped up for the day, early to sleep and early to rise is the new mantra that I am applying. Obviously, now that school has started, I HAVE to have a 7am start but also, sleeping on time is really beneficial for your health. While making sure that you are getting enough sleep, don't forget to wake up on time because yeah you are getting enough sleep but oversleeping also causes fatigue during the day and then we usually end up wasting half the day out.

While it is important to have an active lifestyle, it is also important to note that its okay to have a few rest days in between. I am not talking about 10 days at a stretch but also make sure that you are winding your body down. A day spent under the blanket with a warm cup of hot tea or any hot drink also means that you are letting your body rest for a bit and getting it charged for the next day.

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