I am on spending ban!

Yep. I am on a spending ban this month. You read that right. You may laugh all you want but I am going to stick through and ban myself from spending so much money on things that I don't need.

Why the ban and what is it all about?

Basically, I have been spending money a bit too much. And I needed to reign in. It's not about buying things like a new bag or new shoes but just random stuff. If I pop into Sainsbury's, I will buy something that is not needed but just to satisfy my need to shop. I won't go completely 'I am not buying eggs and milk this month' - The essentials, yes. Things that are needed. Like I needed a coat this week because I gave all of mine to charity last winter and now I don't have a coat. See essentials. Do I need more shoes? no. Do I need another bag? no. Do I need more makeup? no.

Yesterday night I was THIS close to buying a new Heidi Swapp Planner for £30 after watching a gazillion videos and reading 5-star reviews, but I stopped myself from buying it. I was THIS close to buying a bracelet from Kate Spade, which by the way has been on my wishlist since my birthday last month but I stopped myself from buying it. I knew I had more than enough bracelets and this would just be additional purchase which will be worn for 2 days and then will be sitting in my jewellery box. I knew the planner would just be half filled because I have two more planners that are half filled.

This way, if I don't buy a certain thing for a whole month, the need to buy the item will die down. And if it still doesn't go away after this month, I will go ahead and buy it. But I know like my previous impulse purchases the need to buy something useless will go away.

Another thing that I will achieve is that I will start wearing the jewellery that is already abandoned. I will use my previous planners more often and make sure that I use them all up before I go ahead and buy that planner. Basically giving consumerism a run for the money by using things up that I already own and then after finishing them up, I will be able to justify the next purchase.

I won't go into the supermarket and buy everything in sight. Buy the essentials and get out. Make a list of all the things that I need and literally just buy that only.

Recently because of Mrs Hinch, I have been buying a LOT of cleaning products. Products that I don't need or that I can do without. That is literally the power of social media. It compels you to buy things that you either don't need or won't make use of. Just to satisfy the thought of 'if she has it, then I can have it too.'

What will I achieve with the ban? Saving will become an essential part of this month. I will be doing it intentionally but I will also be saving unintentionally. Do I need another trip to Primark to buy that jumper? No. Cha-ching! I saved £12 by not buying that jumper.

Honestly, I have been using my credit card way too much. This is coming from a person who doesn't have a full-time job but also someone who doesn't have to pay the bills of the house. I do the occasional monthly grocery and do buy the essentials for the house (furniture/crockery etc) when and if needed but having said that, I have been using my credit card way too much. I deliberately make myself late for the school run and in turn, I have to take an Uber so that I don't have to take the bus and then reach late to collect my son from the office. If I am banning myself from using Uber this month, I have to up my habits and take the bus early for the school run.

It is not that I don't budget my expenses, I do. But when you have little to no financial responsibilities you do become irresponsible. I do want to help my husband to buy our own house someday. I don't want to feel guilty about the fact that he is running two households at the moment and all the responsibility is on him. (mind you, thank the Lord, we do have a very comfortable lifestyle so we don't have to let go of a certain lifestyle). I do quite a lot of budgeting so I know our monthly expenses and how we can save through other ways.

If this month goes well enough, I know I will be able to continue with the ban for the next month, saving a bit of money for the upcoming holidays or just put it towards more savings.

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