Choosing the perfect shoes for your child.

I love shopping for myself but loathe shopping for my son because he is super picky about what clothes he wants to wear, and when it comes down to shoes, I want to cry. Luckily over the past few years, I have learned a lesson here or there and now shoe shopping isn’t as bad as it used to be.

Here are my top tricks to find that perfect pair of shoes:

Browse online first – If you have older kids, above 3, to say, then sit with them and browse online. It saves the hassle of going to the store again and both of you having a meltdown there. Once they like the shoes, make sure to read the reviews online. My son loves superhero shoes (Batman to be specific) and there isn’t a lot of choice in store so online shopping works well for me. I can find a variety of superhero-inspired shoes and have them delivered straight to my door.

We try a few and the ones that aren’t well fitting or my son doesn’t like, they are returned. I find that a lot of designer shoes have a really good variety of inspired shoes so if you want to find kids designerwear online, then Strawberry Children have a really good selection. In all honesty, I prefer shoes from big brands because they are comfortable and they don’t bite.

Comfortable fitting – Kids grow out of their shoes REALLY quickly and if you are spending a good amount on shoes, you want to make full use of them. My top trick is to find shoes that aren’t snug fitting and neither too lose. When your child tries on their shoes, make sure you can stick a finger near the ankle. If it feels too snug, then its best they size up. This way, you will be sure that you can get away with at least two seasons and you are getting your money’s worth.

Quality/material – Like I mentioned above, I prefer buying shoes from bigger brands, because I am investing in their quality. This doesn’t mean that I don’t snoop around Primark finding bargains (although I am on a monthly ban at the moment), but if you have kids that are above the age of 5, this means they will wear their shoes out more quickly, and I don’t want it to fall apart on their first wear. Trust me, I have bought shoes of this type.

Also, make sure that you buy shoes of a material that doesn’t get dirty quickly. I have noticed that girls take a lot more care of their shoes than boys and I have a child that LOVES jumping in muddy puddles. This means, I need shoes that are easily wipe-able or wash well and the material doesn’t get spoiled. If it was my way, I’d be keeping my son in a pair of wellies the entire winter season. It never stops raining, does it?

Make sure that you find shoes that are easily put on and taken off as well. I mean, who wants to tie shoelaces when you are running late for school, and all you have to do is untangle the laces only to have them untied again in a second.

Do you have any tips for finding the perfect shoes for your kids? Let me know x

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